exterior of commercial building with large glass windows

Tips for Upkeeping Your Commercial Properties

Proper facility maintenance will bring many benefits to your business. You will gain, and keep, a reputation in your area for offering commercial properties that are worth the leasing price, and your tenants and lessees will be confident that their clients, products, and tools of their trade will be safe when they are in a space that is owned by you. Here are some basic tips for commercial property maintenance that should be completed throughout the year:

Start with the exterior. First impressions will be set the moment your prospective client sees your commercial property. You want to make sure that they are positively impacted and that they become a long-term customer. Keeping your locations clean, organized, and inviting will create a lasting impression, and one that will turn into word-of-mouth recommendations, as well. Repair and replace anything that is damaged or unsightly as soon as possible, whether it is windows, signage, or even just a door handle. Your landscaping should be pleasant with trees and shrubbery that are well-maintained and cared for.

Interiors, too. Take a cue from your outdoor evaluations and touch up anything that doesn’t look well taken care of. Replacement of items that are unsightly or unsafe is a must. Paint, flooring, furnishings, and light fixtures – customers notice these items right away, and they will instantly gauge how you will treat them and their business based on how you treat your own. Show them that you are a professional by maintaining your own property in a professional manner.

Utilities. Heating and air conditioning units, water heaters, and other utilities that your clients will depend on will need to be checked and serviced regularly to keep them in good shape and functioning properly. Efficient energy systems will save everyone money, too, and every tenant appreciates that kind of support.

By properly maintaining the commercial property, you are preserving its value while increasing revenue and mitigating your costs. If you need to schedule preventive checkups or emergency services due to unforeseen events, call us here at Ascension General Contractors. We’re here for you and your business.