handyman with toolbelt next to damaged building

Tips for Preventing Disaster Damage to Your Commercial Property

No one wants to see a disaster happen. And no one wants to deal with the aftermath and all the damage that a disaster can cause, least of all a commercial property owner with so much invested in that property. Fire and flooding can seriously disrupt your business and set you back for months to come. Being prepared ahead of time can help mitigate the effects of a disaster to your commercial property. Here are some tips to prevent disaster damage to your commercial property:

Neat and clean. Make sure that landscaping is kept trimmed and dead brush and branches are removed to prevent the damages that can come from flying debris. Remove trash and unused items from the foundations and fencing of your property; this kind of mess is a fire hazard.

Drainage systems. Make sure that all the systems on your commercial property are free and clear at all times. From drainage ditches to the rain gutters, they all need to be ready to receive rainwater and direct it away from your property. Parking areas and entryways should be safe for your customers and workforce.

Mold prevention. Ensure that your workforce is educated on how to prevent the establishment of a mold colony, and how to keep it from spreading if one takes hold. Everyone should be responsible to keep their own workspaces clean, dry, and safe.

Vigilance. Let your employees know that if they see a potential problem you would really appreciate it if they say something right away. Perhaps a safety award given out quarterly would be a good incentive to help keep everyone vigilant.

Routine maintenance. Having a routine maintenance schedule in place will go a long way towards keeping your commercial property in top shape and able to withstand any type of disaster, should it happen. Windows, doors, and roofing need to be in good repair in the event of a storm or other natural disaster and will be effective in preventing water damages.

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