fashionable communal area in apartment complex

Tips For Planning A Communal Area In Your Apartment Complex

Providing the hottest amenities in your apartment complex will attract renters when they are out shopping for their next apartment home. The amenities your community offers will drive your leasing and rental rates higher, and you will want to keep in mind that the demand for luxury is increasing and becoming a huge factor in rental decisions. 

One of the most popular amenities that people are looking for is communal space. Studies are showing that as our cities get larger and more impersonal, people need community. 

Here are things to consider when you are planning communal areas for your apartment complex. 

  • Time. Your renters need more time to get things done and more time to enjoy life, so if you can create spaces that help make their lives easier, they will appreciate it. Think of a coffee shop/reading room complete with a lending library and places to use a laptop—remote workers will love the fact that they don’t have to get dressed up and drive downtown to the hot spot. They have their own right on their doorstep! If it’s pet-friendly, that will be another great way to attract potential pet-owning residents. 
  • Health. You might think about hosting a weekly farmer’s market on your premises in an area created just for that purpose, and if generous outdoor space can be a part of your complex, a community garden is a perfect fit. Your residents will love having access to fresh produce right at home, and gardening with the neighbors is a great way to enjoy communal time. A dog park could easily be a part of an outdoor park-like space as well. 
  • Arts. Providing a studio/workshop space for your apartment community will appeal to artists and others who enjoy creating in various mediums, completing DIY projects, or just partaking in a hobby that they love. A communal theater that can be used for movies, performances, or jam nights would also be a great space to build.

If you are considering the addition of communal spaces to your apartment complex, call us here at Ascension General Contractors today and let’s get started!