Paint and counter material samples over home renovation plans

Tips for Managing Your Business’ Renovation Projects

An improvement project for your business can be both rewarding and exciting, and it can open up new avenues for success in your venture. It can also be confusing and stressful, however, since while you are the master of your business domain, entering into the area of renovation is probably unknown territory. There are a lot of decisions that will need to be made if your project is to be a success. Here are a few tips to help:

  • How do I make sure I hire the right contractor?
    • Get at least three referrals for any contractor you are considering. Ask him or her to give you a list of three people they have worked with in the past and their contact information, which will allow you to call or email them for a testimonial. This will tell you immediately if you are making a good decision in working with this contractor.
  • What needs to be in the contract for my protection?
    • The contract should contain specific provisions, such as price and payment schedule, construction schedule, and completion date. Specific information concerning materials can be included if necessary. If you have, or need, custom work or installations done, let your contractor know right from the start.
  • How do I ensure my project stays on schedule?
    • Begin your relationship with your contractor with good communication, and maintain this communication throughout. Make an effort to understand the challenges they face and whether they are getting the information that they need to complete the job the way you are expecting them to. Perhaps he or she is managing several sites; this is an important fact to know when it seems like work is not getting done on a daily basis due to other business demands on their end.
  • How do I keep it under budget?
    • Shop around for materials and look for sales. If there are any parts of the project that come up that you can do yourself, let your contractor know and take care of it. Make sure that you discuss this eventuality before they ever begin so that they know you may be hands-on at times. Communication is key!

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