Construction worker writing on clipboard

Tips for Communicating with Your Commercial Contractor

Communication is key when it comes to working with your commercial contractor. Before you start your next project, take a look at these tips we’re sharing today to help you establish a communication system:

  • Weekly Meetings. Plan weekly meetings to discuss your project’s progress. Choose a day and time that works for everyone, and use these meetings to express concerns you may have or changes you would like to see made. These meetings will also give your contractor an opportunity to do the same.
  • Daily Contact. Try to connect with your contractor daily. Whether it’s in person or by phone, it will be helpful to keep the lines of communication open. Make sure you have all the contacts you may need before work begins.
  • Jobsite Notes. A jobsite notebook can be a great way to communicate concerns and ask questions. Jot down your thoughts as they come to you, and leave the notebook for the contractor to use the following day. It can serve as a legal document if communications need to be reviewed at a later time.
  • Establish Methods Early. Save yourself stress and trouble by interviewing your contractor before ever engaging his or her services. A company’s style of communication will often be obvious during that first contact. If red flags go up during the initial interview, that could be a hint of future issues. Take note as to whether your calls have been returned in a timely manner, and whether you were treated with attention and respect. Does it seem as though your wants and goals will be honored by this company?
  • Track Record. What kind of track record does this company have when it comes to communication? Read reviews and talk to others who have used their services to see if your prospective contractor is someone you can do business with. Websites such as Yelp can be very helpful when looking to see what kind of local reputation a business may have.

Here at Ascension General Contractors, we know how important good communication is to any project. We are committed to our clients and their goals. Call us today for more information.