chic white and grey bathroom with single sink vanity

Three Signs That It’s Time To Remodel Your Bathroom

Most of us aren’t thinking about keeping our houses on-trend—at least not in the same way that we think about our clothing, our entertainment, and our social media. However, our homes need an update every so often, just like the rest of our lives, and it can be fun to undertake that kind of project. We can bring the rooms of our houses to a higher level of energy-efficiency with a remodel, and take advantage of great new products that have come on the market as well as add a fresh look and feel to our interior spaces with colors and textures that have come onto the home design stage. 

Our bathrooms experience a high level of traffic and use, and it can be a bit tricky when it comes to remodeling them since the project can cause some inconvenience when it is underway. We tend to overlook this vital area of our homes at times, but if we let it go too long, the signs become impossible to ignore. 

Here are three signs that it’s time to remodel your bathroom

  • Leaks and drips. Old faucets and other bathroom fixtures start to leak and drip, causing inconveniences, messes, and even an unhealthy atmosphere. You know it’s time to remodel when you have buckets under the sink and towels around the base of the toilet to catch all the escaping water. 
  • Dysfunctional fixtures. You also may be putting up with bathroom equipment that isn’t the best these days. For example, there are so many new shower-head styles available today; don’t struggle with one that doesn’t really do the job anymore! Why not install a “smart shower” instead? You can set it to start ahead of time, so that the water is the perfect temperature and speed—just step in and listen to your personalized playlist while you get ready for the day. 
  • The colors of yesteryear. If your paint is peeling and your baseboards are back to their natural state of bare wood, it’s time for a paint job. This is one of the least expensive and easiest ways to give your bathroom a fresh face, and there are some exciting palettes to choose from in 2019. Did you go all-out with last year’s gray? Black is the new gray, and when paired with bold splashes of tropical colors (think yellow, orange, and turquoise) you can have a bathroom with a serious “wow” factor in no time!

Modern bathrooms are transforming into personalized day spas, and with all the options and technology available to homeowners today, there isn’t really any reason to just tolerate your bathroom. If it’s time to remodel your bathroom in your home, call us here at Ascension General Contractors and let’s get this project started.