looking down on courtyard from deck or porch


When you are considering upgrading your home, there will be several ways you might make it more functional year-round, and the most popular of those considerations will be building a deck. It’s a great place to host events and to spend time outside, both of which are things we all look forward to, especially when warmer weather arrives. You can design an attractive cover for rain; pergolas are popular, allowing for sunshine to peek through, and a pergola deck cover is even more beautiful when flowering vines are encouraged to grow over it, for example. Wildlife will appreciate this addition to your outdoor space, and butterflies and bees will congregate wherever flowers bloom, so add potted flowering plants to your deck when it is finished to bring the natural world to you and your guests.

Here are three reasons you should consider building a deck:

  1. PARTY HOSTING. Whether you are throwing a birthday bash, or just having a summer get-together, your deck will provide extra space as well as a spot to enjoy the beautiful weather. Your guests will love relaxing and lounging on a deck under the stars at night, especially.
  2. HOME VALUE INCREASE. A deck addition home renovation project will naturally increase the value of your home. Experts say that you can easily earn back over 70 percent of its building costs by the amount that it adds to your property value. This even exceeds the benefits of other home additions, including adding a sunroom or even an extra bathroom. Decks cost far less than many other home additions and improvements, which make them a natural go-to for homeowners who are thinking about upgrades and renovations.
  3. DESIGN APPEAL. Adding a deck will increase the aesthetic appeal of any home, making it more visually attractive. The stain you choose can enhance the color scheme of your home, and it is a quick build, too. The increase in space to be used is a desirable design element, and while you can’t add it to the square footage you may list at sell-point, prospective buyers will still consider it an outdoor room that can be used for patio furniture, barbecues, and bicycles, for example.

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