Summer Renovations

Summer Renovations to Consider in 2021

Can you believe that summer is almost here? Summertime can be a great time to look at summer renovations you can make during the warm weather to not only increase your enjoyment of your home during the warmer months but also to keep you well ahead of cooler weather setting in and causing interruptions to your home improvement plans.

Here at Ascension General Contractors, we have some great ideas for summer renovations to consider in 2021 that we are excited to share with you! 

Summer Renovations for 2021

Install New Windows 

When was the last time the windows in your home were replaced? If you aren’t sure, you may want to take a good look at them. Old windows can cause air conditioning and heating to be eliminated, so this project is a great one to undertake in warmer weather. The return on investment is great for upgrading windows as well. Dual-pane windows have the best return, so consider these if you decide it’s time to replace your old ones. 

Make Bathroom Updates

Bathroom renovations are always popular choices for homeowners for many reasons and summertime can be a great time to look at upgrading. Adding a new vanity top, faucet, or mirror, as well as painting walls and cabinets, are a great way to do small improvements that make a huge difference. 

Deck Addition

There is nothing quite like being able to enjoy the outdoors during the summer. If you don’t have a place that allows you to soak in the sunshine that summer brings, consider adding a deck. Once built, you can spruce it up by making it a usable outdoor living space with a large seating area and lounge chairs. You’ll have the perfect outdoor space to enjoy all summer! 

Repair Walkways & Home Exterior 

During the winter, there are many different things that can affect the exterior of your home. Snow, ice, and cold temperatures for extended periods of time can affect your walkways and exterior. Broken steps, loose patio stones, etc. can all be not only an eyesore but dangerous as well. Consider making some needed renovations by repairing walkways or even painting the exterior of your home. 

At Ascension General Contractors, we are here to help you make your summer renovations a success! We are full-service repair specialists, and proud to serve the Nashville community as general contractors.

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