summer renovation projects

Summer Renovation Projects

Although most renovations can be completed any time of the year, there are specific summer renovation projects that are easier to complete with consistent weather. If you’ve been thinking about renovating your home, it is a great time to start planning to take advantage of the good weather while you can to help complete projects with the highest quality. 

Here at Ascension General Contractors, we’ve used our years of experience as general contractors to gather together some summer renovation projects that you should consider adding to your list.  

Renovation Projects You Can Do This Summer

Install New Windows

Are the windows in your home old and drafty? Summer is the ideal time to have new windows installed. Cold weather can sneak up fast and replacing your old windows can ensure that you save on utility costs over the lifetime of your home. New windows with the proper seal keep the A/C inside during the summer and the cold outside during the winter. Windows are also known to have a great ROI, so your investment will be a good one.  

Get a New Roof

The lifetime of a roof depends on the type and quality of materials used. If you find that it is time to get a new roof, then summer is the best time to replace it. New shingles require heat in order to seal properly, so winter is far from the ideal time to replace your roof and the summer heat will work to your advantage. Remember that putting off replacing your roof when it needs it can leave it and your home vulnerable to further damage. So it’s best to address the issue as soon as it is discovered. 

Replace Vinyl Siding

If you’ve noticed that your home’s siding is cracked or peeling, summer is a great time to have new siding installed. Vinyl siding is meant to protect your home from water, so loose or missing pieces reduce your home’s weather resistance and can definitely affect your utility bills in a negative way as well. Summer has more predictable and reliable weather, which makes it a much better time for exterior updates. 

Restain Your Deck

With the summer months approaching, it is easy to assume that more time will be spent outdoors. Giving your deck some extra care and attention following the cold-weather months can really help to revive your outdoor sitting area and help you maximize its use in the coming months. You can also consider waterproofing your wood deck as an extra beneficial step. 

Are you ready to renovate your home this summer? Give us a call! At Ascension General Contractors, we are a full-service repair company and proud to serve Nashville residents as general contractors.

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