modern white kitchen with white wire barstools and farmhouse shiplap

Summer Renovation Projects You Should Consider

Many people enjoy extra leisure time during the summer, and with the good weather and sunshine, that makes it a perfect time to complete the remodeling projects a homeowner might be thinking about.

Remodeling your kitchen is always a top choice since the return on your investment here can be pretty hefty. While you can use your grill to make dinner during the summer months, renovating this area of your home won’t be such an inconvenience, and might even be fun!

In this type of remodel, take time to consider what is known as the kitchen work triangle – the space from your sink to your range and refrigerator. You will want this space to be as functional and fashionable as possible, so consider your lighting, traffic patterns, surfaces and storage here.

A bathroom upgrade can be one of the most important renovations you can make to your home. Creating a more universal design by adding wider doorways and grab bars in bathing areas can really make a difference when it comes to ROI, as well. Adding a separate water closet for your toilet is a classy way to change up the bathroom vibe, keeping this particular area out of sight while providing extra space for your other fixtures.

Why not add an extra room to your existing home? Avoiding trends and keeping it classic will mean that your home will attract buyers for many years to come. Replacing doors and windows are immediate upgrades with a proven curb appeal, and a new garage door always looks great.

You can also finish your basement, or attic, for extra space, and even add a studio apartment to your home, or maybe that home gym you’ve been thinking about. Remember to sound-roof any room that will include noise.

When considering your summer home renovations, always consider using a professional for planning and completing these types of projects. Here in Nashville, Ascension General Contractors is always available to help you. Visit our website, or call us at (615) 750 2345.