sky with clouds and lightning storm in Nashville. TN

Storm-Proofing Your Business

As you head into the season for storms in Middle Tennessee, it’s essential that you take steps to storm-proof your business from possible damage. High winds and flooding can bring your enterprise to a halt. That means lost time and resources for you. Below are some tips from our Ascension General Contractors team to help with storm-proofing your Nashville business:

Areas of Your Nashville Business That May Need Storm-Proofing

  • Your roof cover is one of the most vulnerable components of a building when it comes to the elements of a strong storm. Therefore, routine maintenance can prolong the life of your roof cover, reducing damage.
  • Plan several inspections throughout the year to watch the condition of your roof, especially after a storm.
  • Remove excess debris and inspect for loose or missing materials.
  • Keeping wind and water out of your business is key to protecting your business location, but an impact-rated glass or a shutter system will protect your windows and glass. Therefore, proper maintenance ensures that these protection systems are ready to handle what may come with the storm’s landfall. 
  • Various commercial properties use a Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner. Before a storm, check these units to make sure they are installed and will be able to resist wind-driven rain. 
  • When damaged or not attached, skylights can cause significant interior damage.
  • Inspect skylights for cracks and leaks and then hire a contractor to repair or replace damaged skylights.
  • Outdoor signs and accessories can become windborne debris if they are not secure.

What Storm-Proof Defenses Can I Have Installed In My Nashville Company To Protect It From Storm Damage?

  • Lightning protection systems can serve as a defense against storms for your building. They will not provide protection if they are not properly attached. They will require regular inspection. Proper maintenance of these systems can help prevent significant damage to your roof.
  • An onsite generator is a critical defense against electrical interruption and business downtime. A generator is an independent source of electricity that powers your utilities when the standard power supply is not active. 

If your commercial business has experienced storm damage, there is help available! Ascension‌ ‌General‌ ‌Contractors‌ is a‌ ‌full-service‌ ‌general‌ ‌contractor‌. Our team members are repair specialists who will help you recover from storm-related damages right away. We are proud ‌ to ‌serve ‌the Nashville‌ business community. Contact us today! 

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