sprucing up your storefront

Sprucing Up Your Storefront

Considering sprucing up your storefront? Your potential customers can be put off by a storefront that isn’t in good shape. A dated, run-down storefront can make people think that inside they will find a store interior that is unpleasant and unkempt, with shelves full of products that aren’t properly cared for. 


When you are considering sprucing up your storefront, here are some things to consider:


Go Trendy

Following the trends can be challenging, but if you just choose your favorite look and take the next step to update your storefront, you will be sure to love the results, and your patrons will, too. If you schedule a Grand Re-Opening event after the project is done, that would be a great time to bring in new products and update your merchandising plans. 


Go Bright

Bringing more natural light into any building is a benefit. If you are going to renovate and spruce up your storefront, consider bigger windows to make that happen. This renovation piece alone will give your storefront a whole new look and feel.


Go Environmentally Friendly

New windows and doors can be more energy-efficient and earth-friendly and will save you energy costs. There are lots of environmentally friendly products on the market today, and being sensitive to the climate these days is something that your customers will find appealing. 


Signage Upgrade

As you take steps to do a spruce-up project on your storefront, think about bringing in new signage. Maybe you need a new logo, too. But whether you change your marketing look or keep your tried-and-true, new signage can restate your business image in a whole new way and grab new customers. 


Be Safe

While sprucing up your storefront, you can also take steps to make your location safer for your customers and your staff. Removing old design factors may present a dangerous situation for some of your patrons, such as small, hard-to-see steps, or loose tile door jams, which will add to the safe environment of your store.


When it comes to sprucing up your storefront, Ascension General Contractors is here to help. We have the experience and skills needed to make your remodeling goals happen. Call us today!