spring remodeling projects

Spring Remodeling Projects

Spring is a great time to think about remodeling projects. Here are some ideas for spring remodeling projects that can help you as a Nashville homeowner.

Spring is a good time to make the flooring transition from carpeting or linoleum to hardwood floors so that you can take advantage of the weather and traffic resistant benefits. There are many types and styles available, and the hardwood floor is known for standing up to wear and tear much better than many other types of flooring. As experienced flooring professionals, Ascension General Contractors can knock out an entire room in just one day! And with warmer weather, the drying process will go fast without the worry of wet wood fitting improperly or being difficult to place due to swelling. 

Is it time to renovate the kitchen? New cabinets and counters, a trendy backsplash, updated flooring and fresh paint in bright colors will give you more storage space and a whole new look. 

You may have been considering an outdoor kitchen in your backyard area. This is a very popular addition to any home and can be a great spring remodeling choice. Adding some other design touches to your backyard, such as gazebos, fencing, pergolas, and sheds, can also add beauty, space, and organization to your outdoor spaces. 

Ascension General Contractors is proud to help you with all your home remodeling and renovation projects. We are experienced in all types of renovations for homes of all ages and styles. Call us today at (615) 750 2345, and let’s get started your spring remodeling projects started!