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Small Renovation Projects For Your Apartment Complex

As the owner of an apartment complex, you understand that keeping your property in great shape is good business. An attractive apartment community is always desirable, and it will bring you clients that are excited to become residents. It also means that your tenants will probably stay longer, saving you both the time and money spent on advertising to fill empty units. 

Planning and completing smaller renovation projects around your property to keep everything looking fresh and on-trend is going to pay off in the long run, and planning these types of projects far in advance will allow you to shop for labor and materials at lower costs, as well as make allowances for weather and other disruptions. 

Here are some smaller renovation projects to consider for your apartment complex:

  • Community spaces. Refreshing community spaces, like resurfacing pool decks or supplying those areas with brand new picnic tables and umbrellas, is a great way to add new life to your complex. A refresh is a simple project to complete, as well. Potted plants or attractive new planting beds add a nice touch, and using indigenous plant life will save you money on irrigation. If your complex has an area that stores rain runoff, it might work well to use that water for irrigation.
  • Community garden. Many people are interested in using community spaces for common gardens, and this is a great way to bring your residents together, too. It promotes good health by encouraging people to spend time outdoors—a proven way to add a sense of well-being to everyone’s lifestyle. 
  • Building facelift. Fresh paint on exterior walls and trim will go a long way towards giving your apartment complex a great new look. Interior paint projects can also be  smaller-sized projects that can bring big payoffs in resident satisfaction. 
  • Storage. Adding pullout-style kits to kitchen and bathroom cabinets can help reduce the space-crunch that sometimes comes with apartment living. A new trend in kitchen cabinetry that you might consider adding to units are cabinets that span one whole wall and extend floor-to-ceiling. Installing movable shelving here will allow your tenants to make the adjustments they may need for their unique belongings, and it will allow you to remove those upper cabinets over the sink and counters that many people can’t really use efficiently due to their inconvenient location; this will open up your kitchens, making them look and feel far larger. Fresh paint on new wall space will add a big wow factor. 

Here at Ascension General Contractors, we’re experienced in renovation projects of all shapes and sizes. Call us today and let’s talk about your ideas.