Burnt orange steel roof after roof repairs


We look forward to many home improvements, such as a trendy kitchen update, or planting a lovely garden, but when it comes to repairing the roof, it can be less than inspiring. It’s not particularly glamorous, but it can be extremely expensive to put it off. From higher-than-necessary energy bills to extensive water damage or worse, it’s risky to ignore your roof!

Do maintain your roof. Once a year you should clean the cobwebs and dust from your ventilation and exhaust systems. Caulking around pipes and vents is always a good idea, and exposed metal will rust and deteriorate, so make sure those points get painted to protect them.
Remove leaves, dirt, and debris from your gutters to avoid water damage from backed-up rainfall or melting snow and ice. Prevention is always a great idea!

Don’t hesitate to call a professional contractor if you see curled or buckled shingles during your maintenance inspections. If shingles are missing, that’s something that will need to be repaired right away. Water stains in the attic are a tell-tale sign that it might be time for a new roof, as are higher than average energy bills. Are you seeing mold? Call your general contractor right away!

Do remember that people notice! The condition of your roof is something that everyone can see! The materials used can either be great or not so great for the curb appeal of your home. 40 percent of what people see of your home from the street is the roof! Some repair professionals state that roof replacement is one of the ten most profitable home improvement projects, and that homeowners can expect to recoup over 50 percent of the costs when selling.

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