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Roofing Renovations To Consider

Roofing renovations may not be particularly exciting, but it is definitely crucial to the well-being of your home. If it’s time for a new roof, we think you might like to learn more about some upgrades you can do to your roof that will make it more functional, long-lasting, and beautiful, too. 


An Airtight Chimney Cap

  • An airtight chimney cap is all about saving energy. Old-school caps are meant to keep out rain and critters, but an airtight cap will do all that and more by keeping all that cozy warm air in your home where you want it when it’s cold outside, too. Your fireplace damper can’t do that because it’s not airtight! Your contractor can install your airtight chimney cap while completing your roofing renovations. 

Eave Flashing

  • If you have ever had to deal with the damage from an ice dam, you may be interested in investing in the installation of eave flashing. These membranes self-seal around roofing fasteners and form a watertight seal over the eaves. This guards that portion of your roof that is most vulnerable to ice dams. 

Roof Ventilation

  • The heat buildup in your attic during the summer will radiate to the rooms below, making things uncomfortable. Your roofing contractor can install ridge vents across the top of your roof, which allows air to move beneath the ridge cap shingles, cooling things off. 

Energy-efficient Shingles

  • You can choose reflective shingles in assorted colors, from slate to wood tone. They include granules that reflect the sun’s radiation, as well as quickly remitting much of the absorbed heat.    

Low-maintenance Gutters

  • Scrap your old gutters and have new ones installed during roofing renovations. In choosing a system that has built-in curved hoods, you can enjoy a system that allows rainwater to travel into the gutter while also deflecting fallen leaves. This will prevent clogging and unsightly staining on gutters and siding that is caused by gutter overflow. You will also be able to forego the messy and hazardous job of climbing up to clean those gutters. 

These are just a few of the things you can add to your roofing renovations to make your roof a thing of beauty. As a full-service repair company and renovation experts, our team here at Ascension General Contractors is ready to help you with your roofing renovations. Let’s get started!