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Restaurant Renovations To Consider

Great dishes from your restaurant kitchen and a warm welcome from the staff are some of the main reasons people come to your location, but your dining room and lounge environment will combine with these to create a signature dining experience that people are eager to return to.

The food you serve is important, of course, but the surroundings need to be comfortable and inviting, too. It’s what brings you the best reviews online, or by word of mouth. Research has shown that the decor of a restaurant can actually affect customer satisfaction and can end up determining their final assessment of their entire dining experience, along with the food itself. 

You may not be seeing the reactions from the public that you would like, or it may just be time for a refreshing of your location. Either way, a renovation is just the thing to get you back on track.

Today, here at Ascension General Contractors, we are going to share some ideas for your restaurant renovations and improve your customer’s overall dining experience.


The colors you choose for your restaurant interior have a huge impact on the overall ambiance for your diners, so when you plan and execute your renovation, keep this fact in mind. Along with music and lighting, color can directly affect a customer’s behavior and emotion, and even inspire them to dine with you again. Shades of red for restaurants are not desirable unless your business is in fast-food; red increases heart rates and stimulates impulse eating. If it’s a quieter and more relaxed establishment you are hoping to achieve, you will want to use softer, natural colors in your palette, while if you’re going for a cheerful atmosphere, oranges and yellows will do the trick. 


Upgrading your lighting during your renovation is a good idea, and it’s important to be mindful of this area. If your lighting is too dim, your customers won’t be able to read your menu, while if it’s just too bright they will feel less relaxed. Lighting is a great way to set the mood in your establishment.


While you’re planning your restaurant renovations, consider the prime spaces of your restaurant to make sure that the floor plan allows for smooth travel for both clientele and staff. Important areas will include the kitchen, restrooms, dining areas, bar, and entrance. Floor coverings should complement the rest of your décor and also be easy to clean; carpet is not as desirable today as it once was, as it can be hard to keep sanitary and attractive long-term. Many restaurants are going for wooden floors, instead – whether faux or real – and you may even want to consider using repurposed materials for a homey look that’s also sustainable and cost-effective. 

Each of these design elements should be considered individually and then in relation to one another when you are planning and completing your restaurant renovations. Such a strategy will ensure that everything comes together well in creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere that your customers look forward to returning to, time and time again. 

If you’re considering restaurant renovations, the Ascension General Contractors team is here to help you bring your plans and designs to life. We’re proud to serve Nashville as a general contractor, and we are also a full-service repair company.