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Repairs for Your High Rise After a Disaster

No property is disaster-proof. Below are some things to keep in mind when disaster strikes your high rise and you find yourself undertaking unexpected repairs.

  • Contractor. Employing the right company to handle your repairs is extremely important. They should be bonded and insured and enjoy a solid reputation in the community for work well done. Make sure your insurance company can work with them and that there will be no restrictions involved.
  • Warranties. Machinery, appliances, and technical equipment will all have warranties. Contact the appropriate entities right away and begin the process of replacing those items that have been damaged.
  • Insurance Claims. Contact your adjuster immediately after any disaster and arrange for inspections of the damaged areas. Comprehensive notes should be compiled, and photos taken of all damage for reference.
  • Tenants and Lessees. Keep all tenants and lessees updated concerning ongoing repairs after a disaster. If areas of your highrise are to be closed off due to a hazardous situation, make arrangements for temporary spaces to be available for your tenants during construction.
  • Upgrades. This might be a great time to undertake some of the upgrades you’ve been considering. If construction is going to be fairly extensive, it could be cost effective to have older fixtures torn out and replaced while the repairs are happening. With all the innovations available today that can make your building more energy efficient, that would be another area where your highrise could be greatly improved after a disaster.
  • Aftermath. If your repairs were due to flooding or other water-related issues, remember to have mold remediation experts come and assess your highrise. Once mold colonies take hold, they can create huge, ongoing problems for any property owner. For fire-related events, be sure to engage the services of a company that has extensive experience in the damage that fire can do to large buildings. The structural integrity of your highrise is of the utmost importance both to you and to everyone who occupies its spaces.   

The team at Ascension General Contractors is experienced in the area of commercial disaster repair. If the worst happens, call us at (615) 750 2345 for assistance.