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Renovations You Should Complete After a Tornado Damages Your Property

When it comes to renovations you should complete after a tornado damages your property, property owners may find it challenging to know what they should be looking for to move forward after the damage has been done. Although this unfortunate event can be pretty challenging to navigate, from filing an insurance claim to making repairs, being prepared can help ease the situation. 

At Ascension General Contractors, we are here to help with any questions you may have about repairing your property, and we’ve gathered some information surrounding tornado damage to help you along the way.

Renovations You Should Complete After Tornado Damage

Each situation is unique when it comes to natural disasters, which is why property owners may struggle to make renovations to their property. A thorough inspection will be necessary after your property has been secured and is safe to reenter. Although the actual damage and extent of repairs needed may vary, there are a few common renovations that may be necessary after a tornado damages your property.

  • Replacing missing shingles on your roof
  • Repairing water damage to the interior of your property
  • Installing new windows or doors that have been damaged
  • Patching walls that have been damaged
  • Addressing plumbing leaks or damaged water lines

How to Check for Tornado Damage

Before making any repairs to your property and assessing the damage, staying safe is the number one priority. Once you’ve received the go-ahead to enter your property, be sure to follow the steps below to ensure your safety and a thorough inspection of your property. You want to catch all of the damage that needs to be addressed. 

  • Watch Out for Hazards

Broken glass, nails, loose boards, etc., can all be dangerous. Be sure to watch your footing and the rest of your surroundings while walking through your property. 

  • Stay Away From Power Lines

Power lines that are down should always be assumed to be energized, and you should remain at least ten feet away from them. Avoid standing water in case there are nearby power lines as well.

  • Don’t Go After Dark

If possible, plan on checking for water or storm damage in daylight. This way, you can see any hazards clearly and minimize the risk of injury. 

Has a tornado damaged your home? We have all the skills, equipment, and experience needed at Ascension General Contractors to help you with your disaster restoration renovations. We are a full-service construction and renovation company, and we’re proud to serve the Nashville community.

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