white suburban home with lush lawn and landscaping


There’s a lot of renovating and upgrading going on in Nashville, whether it’s to increase square footage and make room for new family members, or because the residents are the proud owners of an existing structure that needs some love. It could even be because your home has suffered from water damage due to bad weather or faulty home accessories, such as appliances or pipes. Whatever the case may be, when you are renovating, it’s always a good idea to think ahead while you are planning your home projects. Nashville does see quite a bit of wet weather, and more is on the way this summer. So let’s talk about some home renovation projects you can do to prevent future water damage:

  • ROOFING, ETC. Probably the most vulnerable part of your home is the roof, along with the drainage system that relieves the roof of accumulated water. If you are getting ready to spend money on renovations, make sure your roof and the rain gutters and spouts are all top notch. This will ensure that you don’t suffer from wet walls and damp attics down the road.
  • DRAINAGE DITCHES. Many Nashville homes in older neighborhoods are fronted by drainage ditches. This isn’t exactly a renovation project, but if you are upgrading your landscaping and redoing your driveway, take some time to bring your drainage ditch up to snuff by removing debris and doing maintenance on the ditch walls. Where it passes under your driveway will need to be well-maintained, too, to guard against issues.
  • WATER AND SEWER. If it’s been many years since your pipes were replaced (and maybe they never have been, at all!) you will want to sit down with a professional and talk about upgrading all your pipes. Hard freezes and wear-and-tear will affect your water and sewer lines. And did you know that trees will send roots to pipes to try and take water from them? If you have large trees in your yard, it’s possible that they have taken hold of your lines, which could be a problem. Burst pipes cause big water damage issues.

If you need professional help during your renovation project, call us here at Ascension General Contractors today. We have years of experience in renovations, and we will be happy to sit down with you and talk about planning to prevent future water damage.