outdoor pool and two white adirondack chairs

Renovation Projects to Improve Your Outdoor Space

We’re all pretty happy that Spring has finally shown her face here in Nashville. We get to go outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and the beauty of the Tennessee hills. It’s also the time of year that many of us begin to think about renovations and upgrades to our homes and outdoor spaces, and we don’t blame you at all. Let’s talk about some renovation projects to improve your outdoor space:

  • DECKS AND PATIOS. If you don’t already have a deck or patio, or if they are in disrepair from winter weather, let’s start here. Sanding and refinishing your deck should be on your list, and if you have a stone patio, you’ll want to replace cracked or missing stones and get rid of the weeds. When dealing with weeds, please remember to use environmentally friendly products. If you need to build a deck or patio, let’s plan one. Take into consideration what your usage will be – family get-togethers, large parties, small intimate groups? Your lifestyle will determine what you decide. If you love to cook, an outdoor kitchen may be in order – you can plan a fireplace or pizza oven, lots of counter space, or even a bar.
  • GREEN THUMB. Maybe you would love to be a master gardener, and your dream has always been to enjoy a garden with winding paths and hidden fountains. Why not? Let’s sit down and talk about it! You can add a gazebo, pergola, or whimsical fencing and gates to give you the magical green spaces you have always daydreamed about. A fishpond might be just the thing!
  • POOL AREA. Perhaps your pool area needs a facelift. The decking may need to be resurfaced or renovated, and as for your pool house – well, let’s just say it’s seen better days. When completed, these types of projects will greatly increase the enjoyment you,  your family and friends will receive when they come to visit and spend time in your outdoor areas.

When it comes to planning projects for the outdoor spaces of your Nashville home, Ascension General Contractors is always here to help. Call us today, and let’s start planning.