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Renovation Projects to Consider for Your Attic

At times, it becomes obvious that you are going to need more living space, whether your family is growing, a parent is coming to stay for a while, or you have finally acquired that pool table you’ve been dreaming about. Rather than buying a new home, if you have an attic in your existing home, why not use it?

An attic can be converted into another bedroom pretty easily; just embrace the unusual roofline and the odd nooks and crannies that can come with it! To make the most of the space, make sure you measure the height of the walls to the ceiling slope and purchase furniture accordingly. There may not be room under the slope for a bed on a frame or platform, so using a boxspring and mattress right on the floor can work. Add some beads or a mosquito netting, and a teenager will be entranced! You can can also add dormer windows and push the bed into the new space so the window becomes a headboard, too.

If storage and closet space is a challenge in your attic room, build a half wall at one end, installing shelving, or have a closet built in the back corner.

Attic areas can make the perfect master suite if you have the space to add a bathroom. You can tuck a vanity beneath the slope and perhaps cut in windows or a skylight for natural lighting.

Perhaps you need an in-law apartment for mom or dad, or children who have moved back home? Treat the area like a studio apartment, and one area can become a galley kitchen with the remaining area becoming the combined bedroom and living room. Locate the new bathroom over an existing one so that you can tie in the vents and water piping to lines already there.

Maybe a media/movie room will help your space challenges. Install your seating up against the wall slopes using low shelving for your equipment. The lack of windows in an attic will be a benefit in this situation!

If you are renovating on a budget, like most people, an attic is a great place to use for this purpose. Adding insulation and drywall is relatively inexpensive, and cutting in skylights is a cost effective way to add light. This finished attic space can become an office, studio, or a playroom for the children or the grand-children.

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