Modern white and gray apartment kitchen and living room

Renovation Projects for Your Apartment Complex

Retrofits and renovations will increase the value of your apartment complex, adding to its attractiveness and modernity while often lowering energy costs, which you can pass on to the occupants of your property.

Your future renovations can include:

Upgraded kitchens and bath areas. These two spaces are the most used spaces in any home, and any upgrade or renovation done here will appeal to prospective tenants. Install the latest in tubs and showers and replace old and porous kitchen counters with the newest materials; while more appealing visually, these are often more sanitary and easier to keep up, as well.

Complete envelope sealing. Replacement of inefficient, poorly sealed windows and doors can drastically lower the energy costs in your apartment complex.

Heating, cooling, and water heating systems. Replacement of these systems with innovative and high-efficiency systems such as instantaneous hot water heaters, combined heat and hot water systems, and heat pumps will add to the energy efficiency of your property.

Roof replacement. Replacing the roof of your commercial building increases the performance of the building’s envelope and increases its beauty and longevity.

Landscaping. Consider the orientation of your building in relation to the sun and shade your building by planting trees that will help to decrease the load on your cooling systems. Re-do the landscaping to trap and process rainwater, creating attractive exterior spaces while lowering or eliminating the amount of water used for irrigation.

In your larger remodeling projects, it’s important to keep in mind that this will be the optimum time to invest in any energy improvements you are planning to make. Adding new space in your commercial property will probably mean rethinking any involved heating and cooling systems, for example, so when it comes to replacing those systems, choosing new systems that will improve the energy performance of your property now rather than later will save you time and money in the long run.

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