renovated kitchen with bar seating, bright lights, and brown natural color scheme

Renovating Your Kitchen to Add Value to Your Home

Potential homebuyers aren’t expecting your home to be in the same condition as a brand-new home, so when you start to consider which renovations you should spend money on to increase your home value, think like a salesperson instead of a homeowner. You don’t want someone who is touring your home to be thinking about what might be wrong with your house; you want them to be focusing on how they feel and what they see as they walk in. Can they see themselves living here?

Apart from dealing with any issues that might be health or safety risks, you will want to spend your remodeling budget on those projects that improve the appearance of your home. Be realistic. You may be thinking that your entire home needs a bit of work, but there are spaces that will greatly increase the resale value of your home when they are renovated, and your kitchen is one of them

As the room that sees the most traffic and where many happy family memories are made, your kitchen is the heart of your home. Whether you are planning on selling your home in the immediate future or just being wise with your finances, renovating your kitchen will be a great way to add both financial and emotional value to your home. Here are a few ideas for your kitchen renovation:

  • Get smart. A 2019 kitchen is smart, with technology integrated into virtually every appliance or function. It is available in refrigerators, lighting, and faucets, just to name a few, and this aspect of design is evolving constantly. For older kitchens in an existing home, gadgets and other devices are easily added for convenience. 
  • Go dark. White is no longer the go-to color choice for the kitchen of today (and tomorrow). Dark cabinetry, from deep wood-brown to black, with splashes of brave and bold color, is a fresh take for the heart of your home. You can paint your existing cabinets or replace them all for a great new look that is attractive and exciting. 
  • Create space. The kitchen island is becoming a jack-of-all-trades, with storage solution cabinets and appliances that are installed under the counter, as well as providing seating for dining or as a bar. If you have an open floor plan in your home, your kitchen island can be constructed to extend into your living room area for a multi-functional aspect that helps alleviate clutter by creating more space. 

These are just a few of the exciting new trends that are changing the modern kitchen. If you are considering a kitchen renovation to increase your home value, call us here at Ascension General Contractors today!