metal letters spelling out hotel in hotel lobby


As a hotel owner, you understand very well the power of the first impression. When your guests come to visit for the very first time, if they don’t like what they see, it may very well be their last. And word of mouth is the most powerful advertising there is. You are very aware that those unimpressed guests will tell ten people, who will tell ten people, who will tell ten people…and many times they will go to a social media review platform like Yelp to state their views. At that point, the word is out there forever.

The first place your guests will see is your lobby. This is your chance to wow them! Does your lobby need a refresh? If you are still looking at walls that are neutral or gray – which is so 2015 – it’s time for a renovation.

There are a few really exciting design trends out there for you to consider. Bold, dramatic colors have made a comeback, and they are now being used on all four walls of a room instead of just one accent wall. Get bold and creative as you come up with a new color scheme for your hotel lobby.

Celebrating your local area is also a popular trend. With this in mind, consider showcasing the artwork and photography of local artists in your lobby. It will give your guests a better sense of who you are and will highlight the culture of your community, helping them to fall in love with the area and possibly become repeat guests in the future.

Wood floors are another trend these days, with the return to natural accents in interiors. If your lobby is still carpeted, think about making a change to wood. It is easier to care for and less likely to attract pests.

Letting in more natural light is another helpful possibility when you are renovating your hotel lobby; if it is dim and dark, perhaps you can enlarge the existing windows, or even add new ones, to brighten it up. Natural light has been found to be healthy for all of us, and your guests will appreciate it.

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