two men installing solar panels on roof of commercial property

Renovating Your Commercial Property for Spring

This Spring, consider renovating your commercial property as a very cost-effective alternative to a new property purchase or lease. As your business expands, you may experience growing pains. A well-planned renovation can give you new space or new ways to use your existing space that will help you. Or if you have truly outgrown your property, purchasing a property that has been foreclosed, abandoned, or is merely dilapidated, and implementing a renovation project here can be a much better investment than buying or leasing a brand-new property. Others may see a run-down property, but you may see a building that occupies a prime piece of commercial real estate for a fraction of the cost.

Renovating your property this Spring to suit your needs will allow you to tailor the space to your business while instantly building equity. When the time comes to sell your commercial property in the future, the time and money you spent on renovations will provide an increase in equity.

A few areas that will need attention before the summer may be:

PARKING AND ENTRYWAYS. The areas where your customers will enter your property will need to be ready for the spring showers and potholes. Ensure that your walkways and parking spaces are free of hazards to both people and vehicles.

LANDSCAPING. Large trees that have not been properly maintained may have branches that could be a hazard in high winds or heavy rains. Make sure your landscaping is trimmed and tended correctly this Spring.

ROOFING. Before the Spring rains come, make sure all roofing on your commercial property is in good repair. If work needs to be done, choose environmentally friendly, energy efficient products; oftentimes rebates are available when these kinds of products are purchased and installed.

EXTERIOR AESTHETICS. Spring is a great time to repair trim, paint, and add refreshing touches to your commercial property. If you enjoy outdoor seating for employee break areas or for customers, spiffing up these spaces will be an enjoyable addition to your workaday world.

Here at Ascension General Contractors, we have experience and expertise in the areas of renovations and construction. If you are planning a Spring-time renovation of your commercial property, give us a call!