long hallway in commercial property


With all the weather uncertainty these days, it’s a smart move to take steps that will keep your commercial property safe from inclement weather and storm damage. Summer is on our doorstep, and along with summer comes storms, carrying lots of water,  high winds, and on occasion – tornadoes.

You can ensure that your business is guarded against a weather event by undertaking some renovation projects to prevent damage from storms both this summer and in the coming months ahead. After all, it’s anyone’s guess what type of weather situations we will find ourselves in.

The most important areas of your business to renovate are:

Roofing and rain spouts. This is the most vulnerable part of any building, and in order to keep your premises free from damage, your roof needs to be in the best shape possible. If it’s not, the project planning starts here. You’ll also want to make sure that your rain gutters and downspouts are in great repair and ready to handle any downpour.  

Windows and doors. When is the last time you updated your exterior windows and doors? These entrance spots are where you’ll experience damages from water and high winds, so it might be time to replace them with stronger products. You might as well go ahead and choose energy efficient models, too, in order to make the most out of your renovation.

Parking and entrances. Your parking and driving entrance areas need to be in great shape to guard against the erosion that can come from large amounts of runoff and standing water. These are spots where vehicles and people can easily be affected, so take steps to upgrade these areas before storm season comes. Don’t forget walkways – a lot of water at one time can wash away the paths and sidewalks that people need to use to get into your place of business, and not only can that cost you money, but your workforce and your clients won’t be safe.

If you are thinking about undertaking renovations that will keep your business safe from storm damage, call us here at Ascension General Contractors to go over your plans. We can help you get your renovations done in a timely and professional manner, just in time for storm season.