paintbrush covered in white paint

Remodeling Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

With the right planning, you can transform the feel of a whole room with a single project that only costs you a few hundred dollars. Today we are going to share a few value-boosting upgrades that all come in under $500. Here are some cost-effective ways of remodeling your home without breaking the bank:

Paint Those Walls

  • Give your washed-out walls a burst of fresh color and depth, or a bright new look with a pure and brilliant white. Just pick up a few cans of your favorite hue and rearrange your home’s reality. You don’t have to be a pro to paint like a professional home painter, but do your research before you start to make sure your project has an excellent outcome. 

Crown Molding

  • Crown molding is often at the top of most remodeling lists because it adds historic charm and value to a home. It can be tricky to install, but there are products on the market today made of polystyrene foam and coated in plaster that cut smoothly with your handsaw and can be put up quickly with a joint compound. You can bring an elegant upgrade to any room over the weekend, and at a great cost. 


  • If your home has stairs that are slippery, you can grab some woven runners right off the shelf and give your stairs a non-slip upgrade in no time. 


  • If your dishwasher is ten years old or older, you could be spending more than necessary on electricity and water. Consider replacing that old model with an Energy Star-qualified model, and start saving money on those energy bills. Keep in mind that if you are washing your dishes by hand, you are actually using more water than your dishwasher. The biggest cost saver of all here is that you can install a dishwasher yourself in an afternoon with no plumber and no electrician, and this investment will start paying for itself with the first set of dirty dishes.

Paint Again

  • Update your flooring with a creative paint job. You can come up with a painting style that really brings a wow factor to any room. Just a few measurements and a couple of coats of durable paint and you’ve completed a quick remodel project that didn’t break the bank. Or perhaps your kitchen seems a bit like a cave due to lack of light. A brighter face on your cabinets with some brilliant paint choices will give you a whole new vibe for your kitchen. 

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