Remodel Your Kitchen On A Budget

Remodel Your Kitchen On A Budget

Kitchens are always one of the most expensive areas of the home to remodel, but the good news is that a budget kitchen remodel is possible! Here are some areas you can focus on that will help you to remodel your kitchen on a budget:


New kitchen cabinets are often pretty expensive, and all tear-out-and-replace projects are much more expensive than projects that reuse materials. In addition to saving you money, reusing your cabinetry is also more eco-friendly, helping you to avoid landfilling tons of flooring, glass, laminates, plastics, and other materials that take centuries to degrade. Try a new paint job; just painting your kitchen cabinets is a time-honored way of refreshing the whole room. Refacing your cabinets will add a new veneer and replaces all doors and drawer fronts, and is another budget-wise way to remodel your kitchen. If you need more storage space you can install open shelving for an airy, industrial kitchen look that won’t break the bank. 



DIY home remodeling projects allow you to pay for the materials while eliminating the labor costs. Some remodeling projects are easy, while others can be difficult for do-it-yourselfers, such as interior painting, flooring installation, changing outlets and lights, hanging drywall, and installing baseboards. Lack of expertise or time may require that you hire a professional.


Keep The Layout

Dramatically changing your kitchen layout is one way to drive up your kitchen remodeling budget, but if you keep your kitchen layout the same while changing just elements within that framework you should be able to keep your project under budget.
Moving essential plumbing services such as the dishwasher, sink, and refrigerator (icemaker) entails hiring professionals, as will moving around electrical services like GFCI outlets, lights, dishwasher, refrigerator, and garbage disposal means tearing out drywall and rewiring the kitchen.


The Ascension General Contractors is here to help with all of your remodeling projects. If you have decided to remodel your kitchen on a budget, we are happy to talk with you about ways to get the job done without costing you more than you can afford.