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Reasons To Hire A Contractor

As the owner of either a home or a business, you know you have to keep your premises in good shape so that your investment retains its value. You can also elevate the value of your home or business by renovating or upgrading, such as putting in a new kitchen with all the bells and whistles or revamping the office bathrooms. Once you’ve decided on renovating, your next question may be whether or not you should hire a contractor. Doing it yourself can be very tempting, especially for the homeowner, but here are some really good reasons to resist going that route:

  • Time. You work hard so that you can enjoy those holidays and weekends. Let’s face it – time is money. If you decide to do your own improvement project, it is true that you won’t be paying for a contractor’s time, but you’ll be sacrificing your own. If you are a busy professional, keep in mind that every project of this kind is going to take longer than first planned, and surprises will happen. By hiring a contractor who is used to these setbacks, you can rest assured that the job will get done correctly while enjoying those free hours.
  • Networking. Many construction projects will demand more than just one pair of hands, and several different types of tools that are specific to the job. And then there are all the materials that are required. Your professional contractor will have a team of qualified people that can help along the way, as well as an arsenal of proper tools and equipment. Contractors can buy materials wholesale, too, as long as they have their license. 
  • Skills. It is vital that the integrity of existing structures is safeguarded, and that takes skill. New construction needs to be up to code, too, and if you do it yourself, you must have the required knowledge and expertise necessary to make sure the job is done right the first time.
  • Permits and Licensing. Licensing and permits are required for specialized work, such as plumbing and electrical. Your contractor will know exactly what is needed, and where to go to apply. Improper licensing can bring about fines, and your work also will have to pass inspections. 
  • Warranty. If a contractor completed your construction project, he or she will provide a warranty. If the work isn’t up to par, they will fix it. And that’s just one more reason why you should hire a contractor.

Here at Ascension General Contractors, we have all the knowledge and experience necessary to get your project done right the first time around.