elevators in commercial building

Prioritizing Upkeep on Your Commercial Property

As a successful business owner, you are aware that the upkeep on your commercial property should be a priority, year-round. The condition of your premises, both interior and exterior, says a lot about you as a business person and tells your story to the community at large. You always want that story to be the right story – one that exhibits you and what you do in the most positive light as a commercial enterprise that is organized, efficient, inviting, and on top of things at all times.

Here are a few basic tips you can keep in mind while prioritizing your commercial property upkeep for the coming year:

EXTERIORS MATTER. If your clients don’t come into your building, you can’t be successful. Repair and replace anything that is damaged as soon as possible, especially if the item(s) are highly visible to the public, such as windows and doors, signage and roofing, etc. Paint touch-ups and landscaping should be done continually throughout the seasons to keep your premises from looking scruffy.

THE GREAT INDOORS. Continuing indoors, keep an eye on paint, flooring, furniture, and light fixtures, and upgrade when it begins to look used and dated. You want your spaces to appear safe, clean, and intriguing to your customers so that they will want to enter your property and stay for a while.

DETAILS, DETAILS. Focusing on the details – such as restrooms, elevators, fitting rooms, showrooms, etc. – will enhance your customers’ experience, with the end result being more foot traffic and therefore, more sales. Make sure these areas are kept scrupulously clean; there is nothing more off-putting to a client than an unsanitary, odorous bathroom. Customers will notice that you pay attention to the details that ensure their comfort, and word always travels. The rule of thumb is that customers will tell ten other people about their experience, whether good or not-so-good, and those ten will tell ten others, and so on. The power of word-of-mouth is amazing! Use it to your advantage.

COMFORT. HVAC systems, water heaters, and other utilities that you depend on to keep your premises comfortable for clients and workforce need to be checked and maintained regularly to keep comfort levels up. Your commercial property should be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, no exceptions.

By prioritizing the upkeep for your commercial property, you are effectively preserving its value while increasing revenue and mitigating your costs. The team here at Ascension General Contractors is here to help you with any maintenance concerns, based on the unique needs of your business. Whether you need scheduled preventive check-ups or emergency services due to unforeseen circumstances, we’re here for you.