Renovated kitchen with bar stool seating area, dark wood, and stainless steel appliances


If you plan ahead, spending time thinking through all of the aspects of a kitchen renovation, your actual remodel will go more smoothly and take less time. It will probably end up being more cost-effective, too, alleviating the need for expensive do-overs.

Prioritize your kitchen renovation by studying your existing kitchen and determining the most important factors:

  • Traffic Patterns. Your work aisles should be a minimum of 42 inches wide to allow for several cooks in the kitchen. Holidays, especially, will see more than just one person involved in food preparation. Be ready!
  • Ergonomics. Create a kitchen that is a joy to work in. Consider the people most likely to be in the kitchen with you; will they be able to reach everything?
  • Doorways. Make sure the doorway is wide enough for that gorgeous extra large refrigerator/freezer combo to come home.
  • Materials and fixtures. Choose all your materials and fixtures before you start. Your general contractor can make a more accurate bid, and you’ll lessen the risk of delays due to back orders of product.
  • Footprint. Keep the footprint the same so that pipes and electrical outlets don’t have to be moved or walls don’t have to be knocked down. This can add a lot to the cost and cause unforeseen problems.
  • Lighting. This one item can make a world of difference to your kitchen atmosphere. It’s also a safety factor, enabling people to see well and keep accidents from happening.
  • Functionality and durability. Functionality and durability should be two of your top priorities during your remodeling project. Bargains are not necessarily a great idea if what you are getting is low-quality. You will get what you pay for, every time.

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