ceramic shingles on roof


Even though summer has just begun, a smart business owner like you will be looking forward to the autumn months ahead to ensure that your commercial property is ready for the colder, more volatile weather that will be occurring at that time. Today we are sharing the primary tip that will help you with that focus: inspections. 

  • ROOF INSPECTION. It’s important to have your roof inspected regularly, especially in anticipation of the colder (and wetter) weather conditions. You will want to be confident that your roof is in the kind of shape necessary to withstand the elements. Regular inspections will identify problems before they become serious and allow them to be handled before bigger troubles evolve. 
  • PIPE INSPECTION. Plumbing that is in good repair is vital to the health of your business; downtimes due to plumbing issues and failures are costly and troublesome. Routine pipe inspections will locate leaks and other related problems so that they can be fixed in a timely manner, saving your property from water damage. 
  • HVAC INSPECTION. Maintaining comfortable temperatures in your property’s interiors is important, both for your workforce and your clients. Have your HVAC system checked out regularly to make sure it’s in top running form throughout the year, and going strong in readiness for the colder months. Ducts and vents should be well-maintained year-round, too. 
  • LANDSCAPE INSPECTION. Overhanging branches, dead shrubs, and overgrown trees: all these types of landscaping situations will need to be handled before the fall and winter set in. Plant life that is not well-maintained can create dangerous scenarios for both people and property when high winds, ice and snow, and heavy rains start to occur. 

Take the necessary steps ahead of time to keep your commercial property in great repair. It will save you time, money, and trouble. The professionals at Ascension General Contractors has the experience to help you inspect your premises and keep them in shape. We can also assist you in determining if a remodel project is necessary, and when you want to expand, we are here to help!