Planning Your Remodeling Project

Planning Your Remodeling Project

Smart planning at the beginning of your remodeling project will increase your chances for a successful commercial renovation project, and will also help to keep you on track during a remodel or expansion to your business.

To solidify your specific goals, ask yourself some basic questions and address them. These questions can be:

The Purpose of Your Remodel

Are you planning updates to infrastructure, installation of new technology, finishing upgrades, new tenants, changes in space or aesthetics?

The Amount of Financing You May Need

What is your budget projected to be? Where will the money come from? Even if you plan carefully, surprises will happen, so be sure to establish a portion of any budget for contingency plans.

The Steps You Need to Take

What regulatory agencies will the remodel team be dealing with during the project? The locations of all government offices and their processes are a good thing to know in advance; forms, prices, wait times, etc. 

Pick The Right People

Having the right people on the project is vital. Establish your team early, and make sure all the necessary disciplines are covered. Everybody needs to be able to work well together. Make sure your team includes a qualified and reputable general contractor. He or she will be drawing from extensive field experience, which allows them to offer valuable input on your project’s preliminary budget, for example. They can also validate the feasibility of your early design concepts.


Research on the project will require some additional funds, but it will alleviate site problems later. Such an evaluation should address such items as the age and operating condition of all the mechanical and electrical systems, the condition of the building, the quality of the existing utilities, any historic elements, and the accuracy of any past site evaluations.  

A proactive approach to your future commercial renovation project will help to minimize those unforeseen situations that might challenge you. It will require time and legwork up front, but it greatly improves your chance of success and will help you achieve a high-quality product that will last for years to come. Planning your remodeling project? Ascension General Contractors is here to help!