home renovations

Planning Home Renovations

When planning home renovations, it’s important to know exactly what you want going into the process. Changing your mind halfway through could mean major financial implications. And of course, you don’t want to be stuck with a new kitchen or bathroom that you don’t like. 

Here are a few tips for planning home renovations:


The first place to start when planning a home renovation is going to be financial. How much money you want to spend will determine what you are going to be able to do. You will first need to work out how much money you could afford to spend, factoring the cost of the property and how much cash you have on hand vs. how much you may need to borrow.


Next, you can spend time putting together ideas and imagery that reflect both the structural elements you want to see, as well as decor. It can be helpful to create some mood boards and add to them throughout the process, adding DIYs, landscaping ideas, and other design elements you may find inspiring.


The next thing that will need to happen will be to refine all your ideas into the actual elements you want to use in designing the space, which is essentially a scope of works. It will be a good idea to get an idea of the broad costs associated with your plans at this time, so your plans should include getting in touch with a builder at this point. 


Once your scope is finalized, it’s time for the design itself. You may need detailed drawings like layouts and cross-sections; for a bigger and more complex project, you should definitely consider drawings. A builder can often do a renovation for you without them just going by eye and communication, however, which makes the next step extremely important.

The Team

At this point in your planning process, it’s a good idea to work out who you will need, depending on the tasks that need doing, and whether you will manage them yourself or have a builder manage the whole team for you. You will want to speak with a few concerning your project and get a number of itemized quotes so you can compare them. If you can see some examples of their work that help you to compare the finished product with the costs. 

Final Costs

You’re going to need a detailed cost breakdown for your home renovation plan. Go through each item to review price, taking into account the broad cost of fittings and other details, so there are as few nasty surprises as possible. Once the scope and the costs are decided on, it’s time to get started! 

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