birds eye view of construction site and construction workers


Even though the new year is in full swing, you might still be pondering ways to improve your business property and environment. Your organization may very well need a facelift or a full-scale renovation, and there is still time to make some New Year’s Renovation Resolutions! Here are some ideas for some resolutions that will make 2019 the best business year yet:

Go Green. Saving energy and having a lighter impact on the environment is something everyone is thinking about and talking about. If your premises needs a facelift, consider making improvements that will be beneficial in this area. There are lots of environmentally friendly products on the market today, and they are almost always energy efficient as well. It will save you money, while also making a great impression on your clientele by showing them you care about the community and the world.

Go Modern. When renovating your property, consider using newer design trends for a fresh look both inside and out. Letting in more natural light or using a more minimalist influence could have a positive impact on your work force and your customers. Updating your flooring away from textiles can add a sleek look to your interior spaces, and have the benefit of being much easier to care for as well.  

Go Safe. Improve your safety features and processes. If your structures have weak areas or older sections, pay special attention to those places when renovating, to make sure your premises are as safe as possible. Research new offerings on the market that can enhance the safety of your building; there are many new and innovative products to choose from today that have been created with longevity and safety in mind.  

Go Big. If expansion is on the horizon, it might be time to expand your building’s footprint as well. Adding on to your space is a big project, but one that will be beneficial when business starts booming.

Here at Ascension General Contractors, we are in the business of helping area business owners with all of their renovation, construction, and expansion projects. If you are getting ready to make some New Year’s Renovation Resolutions for your business, give us a call! We’re ready to get started.