hotel rooftop bar, pool, and cabanas

Make Your Hotel Rooftop An Elevated Hotspot

It goes without saying that an owner of hotel property will want to make sure the roof is in good shape throughout the year in order to handle all kinds of weather. Regular inspections by a team of professionals before and after each season will go a long way towards ensuring that you don’t experience damage from leaks and other roof-related situations. 

But instead of just thinking about your roofing as something to be taken care of, why not consider turning it into your hotel hotspot? Here are some current rooftop trends:

Many hotels use their roof for guest activities, and a rooftop bar or pool (or both) is a great selling point and will always draw a crowd. Consider adding some sparkle to your upper floors and make your roof the place where the fun happens.  

A “green” roof is a super hot trend right now—adding plant life to your rooftop will keep your building cooler during warm weather, and during the colder months, it can provide cover and warmth depending on what is planted. For example: the Kensington Roof Gardens in London actually have a stream with live fish, bridges and walkways, seating areas, and even three flamingos! Adding a garden to your roof will turn your hotel into a destination. 

A rooftop farm might actually be something that could fit your hotel’s personality—if your city is really big on the farm-to-table movement and travelers are often visiting for the foodie scene, it may be just the right touch for you. Beehives are popular as well, and having beehives provides bees with a perfect spot to get their job done without interference from city dwellers. These little creatures are the perfect partner for your rooftop farm. Having access to fresh, organic foods and honey would enable your hotel restaurant chef and cooking staff to prepare tasty recipes guests will love to sample. 

The roof of your hotel can become a unique space that will attract visitors from miles around; be creative in your planning. We’re here to help you with all your construction needs—call Ascension General Contractors today!