stylish gray and white living room furniture

Living Room Renovation Ideas

You’ll adore your newly remodeled living room, but you’ll love it even more when it comes time to sell and your living room project has helped you to realize a high return on your investment. These living room renovation ideas we are sharing today are sure to bring you a lot of enjoyment both today and in the future.

Design Ideas

  • Traditionally, living rooms were kept compact to conserve energy. Today, however, living rooms are designed with open floor plans and the need for more space in mind. If you have a room adjoining the living room that you don’t mind sacrificing, you can remove an interior non-load-bearing wall and take over that space to expand your living room. It’s not too complicated and can be done by a motivated homeowner. If remodeling projects aren’t your cup of tea, just call a contracting company to help. Ascension General Contractors has the expertise that’s needed here.

Front Door Re-Do

  • If your living room is at the front of your house, installing a new entry door or freshening up your current door accomplishes two things for the price of one. This renovation idea will charge up your home’s exterior curb appeal while also adding a new sparkle to your front living room. 

Natural Light

  • Your living room is at the center of your home life, and nothing stimulates that feeling like natural light streaming through your windows. If you’re like other homeowners, your living room windows just might be tired, drafty, and sorely lacking in any natural sunrays. Give your window spaces a second life by replacing them with new windows.


  • In no other room of the house is color so important as in the living room. This is the room where everyone is hanging out, watching movies, reading, or sipping wine. With so much attention focused on this area, the color scheme must be perfect. If you want to keep resale in mind, choose a living room color palette that appeals to a majority of buyers. White, gray, beige, and other neutrals are safe choices, while brown, gold and earthy orange are bolder options. Deep blue living rooms communicate a vibe of rich tradition, while lighter blues evoke the carefree feeling of a beach vacation.

When it comes to living room renovations, Ascension General Contractors is here to help. We are a full-service contractor, and we are proud to serve the Nashville area.