kitchen upgrades

Kitchen Upgrades To Consider

The new decade is bringing with it fresh trends in fashion, food, and design. The options for homeowners considering an upgrade for their kitchen (or any other room in the house) are exciting! As you are thinking about your kitchen upgrades, you may want to consider those trends so that your finished product is something you can be proud of and one that will bring you a high level of comfort and livability for years to come. 

Here are a few design trends to think about while you are considering your kitchen upgrades:


Bold Color

There is a bright new future for kitchen cabinets as current trends swing away from plain white towards bolder colors. Using these fresh palettes will give your kitchen personality and finish. When that color is extended to the walls, ceiling, or even your island, your entire kitchen will be attractive, modern, and very pleasing to the eye. The addition of both natural wood stools and metal chairs, as an example, can be a striking mix-and-match combo that ties in wood flooring and stainless appliances to create a unique and exciting aesthetic. 


The Great Outdoors

While you are bringing in all that color, you may want to add natural elements, which will help to add an aesthetic balance to this most important space. Studies are showing that incorporating the beauty of the natural world into our living spaces is beneficial to us on many levels. With this in mind, designers are turning to natural stone. These elements are going beyond countertops to waterfall edges, tall backsplashes – even sometimes extending stone to ceilings. There are many attractive and easy-to-care-for products on the market; just ask us.


Lights, Please

Interior lighting is a vital aspect of your home’s design and often underestimated. You can manipulate the entire atmosphere of your kitchen in the way you position lighting and the kind of fixtures you select. Choosing layered lighting can create bright, focused light perfect for performing detailed kitchen tasks. Utilizing soft, diffused lighting is great for entertaining and hanging out. Using an artful combination of recessed ceiling fixtures, under-cabinet LED strips, statement pendants, and ambient lighting in upper cabinets can turn your kitchen into a showplace! This variety of illumination options, especially when paired with a dimmer, not only allows the space to function beautifully but elevates its overall style.


Here at Ascension General Contractors, we are committed to working with you to achieve all your remodel and renovation needs. Whether you are remodeling or upgrading your living and working spaces, our team has all the skills and experience necessary to bring your vision to life.