happy couple cooking dinner in kitchen together

Kitchen Updates for You to Consider

Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where everyone congregates and spends time together, and precious memories are created there. Keeping your kitchen updated and pleasant is a great way to provide your friends and loved ones the perfect spot for happy times.

Here are some kitchen updates for you to consider:

  • Follow Tradition. Kitchen design in recent years has included trendy materials, but has now moved to a more subdued, traditional feel. Forms and shapes remain modern, but the materials give a nod to past practices and methods – natural wood, plastered walls, and polished concrete are making a comeback.
  • Modern Butler’s Pantry. Wraparound counters and upper cabinets are disappearing, and in their place you will see floor-to-ceiling storage – almost like a butler’s pantry, with only one wall of lower cabinets and countertops.
  • Bye, Hardware. 2019 is not the year for over-the-top brassware, as hardware is disappearing. Seamless cabinets with subtle edge pulls are here, and this allows cabinetry and countertops take center stage.
  • Concealed Range Hoods. Concealed ventilation is becoming popular, and at times is even hidden in cabinet fronts, disappearing in this kitchen design trends.
  • Beautiful Backsplashes. Statement backsplashes are a hot new item. Stone with a narrow ledge or shelf is growing in popularity, and updating your backsplash to this new style will make your kitchen the center of attention.
  • Bold Color. Adding pops and blocks of bold color is a trend this year that has everyone talking. Do you love teal? That’s great! Your kitchen island can be teal. And you adore sunshine yellow, too; bring that happy shade into your kitchen!
  • Smart Appliances. Inviting smart appliances into your kitchen is a great update idea. These items make life a lot easier and sport sleek design, as well. Stainless steel is out – you will be amazed at all the colors these products come in.

If you are considering updating your kitchen, our team here at Ascension General Contractors will be happy to talk with you about your vision. We have the expertise to bring that vision to life, as well. Call us today!