remodeled dark wood kitchen with center island and bar chairs

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Remodeling your kitchen can be a complex job. There isn’t one approach that suits everyone; even skilled designers and veteran do-it-yourselfers can miss those all-important details. Mistakes are pretty much inevitable, but you can keep them to a minimum if you have a plan.

It’s All About That Budget

  • If you’re planning to completely renovate your kitchen, be prepared to pay approximately 15% of your home’s current value. Set your budget to ensure that the quality of your improvements stays in line with your home’s worth. It’s equally important to avoid both under- and overspending. Be sure to allow leeway for those sure-to-happen surprises – who knows what plumbing or wiring nightmares lurk in the walls behind those old cabinets?

Size Actually Does Matter

  • If the cooks in your house are tall (or short), you can make their culinary lives a whole lot easier by taking individuality into account. Don’t install your stove hood at a six-foot height if your partner is…. Six foot four. The idea here is that no matter how lovely something looks on the drawing board, accounting for lifestyle and all the physical characteristics of the people who will actually be using the kitchen will make your kitchen remodel an all-around winner. 

We Can See Clearly Now

  • Don’t underestimate the power of lights. Using a mix of fixtures to layer different types of lights will take your kitchen ambiance to a whole new level. From chandeliers to pendants and recessed lights, you can create the perfect lighting for both your work and gathering spaces in your new kitchen. And don’t forget dimmers! They are excellent for modulating the strength of lighting according to the occasion or time of day.

Stay Whimsical

  • Maybe you follow all the design trends, and bright colors are just your thing. Make sure you take the necessary steps to ensure that what you are envisioning will actually work in reality. Integrating the design elements you love as accents, not centerpieces, will allow you to bring your own brand of whimsy to your kitchen without creating a space that will put off any potential future buyer who enjoys a more neutral environment. 

That Backsplash, Though

  • It ties together all the design elements of your kitchen while creating a focal point, and it makes cleanup so much easier, too! A best practice is to select your backsplash at an early stage of the renovation since the backsplash is usually installed shortly before project completion. If you postpone your backsplash decision until then, you may have to rush the decision and end up settling on something you don’t love. We don’t want that for you!

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