white farmhouse chic kitchen with mixture of white and dark cabinets

Keeping Your Kitchen In Good Repair

Your kitchen is said to be the heart of your home. Family and friends just naturally gather there to enjoy food, drink, and each other, and most of us are visiting this room often throughout the day. With all that traffic, a kitchen needs constant care and attention to keep it in good repair. Sometimes it may even be a good idea to renovate this best-loved area of your home, but if not, you can breathe new life into your kitchen with these affordable maintenance and upkeep tips.

Take A Close Look

  • Take stock of your kitchen on a regular basis. Do you have any leaks that need attention? Are there areas in your kitchen that are unsightly and perhaps even unsafe? Do you think your kitchen just needs a facelift? Or maybe you would like it to be a more energy-efficient space? We have a few ideas for you!

New Faucets and Hardware

  • The styles and metals in your kitchen may be outdated, and you may be experiencing rust or mildew. Newer offerings, such as stainless steel, brushed aluminum, or nickel hardware for your faucets and cabinets will do wonders for the appearance of your kitchen. 


  • If you want to keep your current cabinets but you also know they need a facelift, fresh color will be just the thing. Along with brand new door and drawer pulls, you can go bold and bright for the trendiest look available. Neutral countertops and walls are a great style trend. 


  • Change your color scheme by applying a fresh coat of paint to walls here. Complete the look with a new tile backsplash for both beauty and protection for your freshly painted walls.


  • Get rid of that ugly old fluorescent box light. Modern kitchens now use recessed lighting and pendant lighting together for a well-lit space. 


  • If your kitchen appliances are old and not functioning the way they should, it’s time to shop around. The impact of new appliances can be huge, especially if you indulge just a bit in some of the “smart” products on the market today. From timers for lighting to dishwashers that are silent, you can really bring in a wow factor here, while keeping your kitchen in the best repair possible. Choose energy-efficient models so that you can save money on the cost to operate these appliances. Your investment will pay for itself over time. 


  • Chipped and peeling countertops don’t look great, and they also can be unsafe. Modern materials, such as soapstone, quartz, or granite, will bring your kitchen repair into the 21st century. Recycled materials are also popular, and you can now choose from recycled glass, concrete, and even paper!

When it comes to keeping your kitchen in good repair, our team here at Ascension General Contractors is ready to help you get the job done. We are full-service repair specialists with the skill and experience you need for your kitchen project. Call us today!