Remodel Your Hotel

Is It Time to Remodel Your Hotel?

Having to remodel your hotel is unavoidable during the course of its life. Even if you are looking to simply revamp your hotel to improve your business, it can be challenging to determine exactly when is the right time to remodel your hotel. 

At Ascension General Contractors, we want to answer some questions and give you some tips to determine if it is time to remodel your hotel and how you can make these updates without jeopardizing your business.

Questions to Tell If It Is Time to Remodel Your Hotel

How Often Should I Remodel?

The first thing to consider when looking to renovate is the timeline. It’s recommended that tiling, carpeting, bedding, and drapes be refreshed around every five years. When it comes to replacing furniture and lighting or upgrading bathrooms, kitchens, hotel lobbies, etc. 9 to 12 years is the average life span. After that, you should consider hiring a contractor for some major updates. For mechanical systems, roofing, and exteriors, 15 to 20 years is an average timeframe for updating and replacing. 

What Are Some Signs My Hotel Needs to Be Remodeled? 

There are several things that can really show that your hotel is in desperate need of some updates. Damaged flooring from the large amount of traffic it receives can be a dead giveaway. This includes chipping or cracks on tile flooring, worn-out carpets, and scratched wooden floors. Another thing to consider is if your hotel is simply outdated. This can definitely impact your reviews and give your competition an advantage if they have kept up with the modern updates available. Look at making updates by replacing outdated equipment, hardware, and fixtures with more energy-efficient options. This not only improves the appearance of your hotel but will also lower your utility expenses. 

How to Keep My Hotel Open While Remodeling? 

Most hotels need to remain open while remodeling so revenue is minimally impacted. Any renovations run the risk of creating an unpleasant experience for guests, but with the proper measures, you can definitely keep guests from being inconvenienced as much as possible. Be sure to plan ahead, and try scheduling the contractor to make the updates during your off-season to minimize disruption. When remodeling rooms, work one section or floor at a time and book guests to stay in rooms as far from the construction as possible. 

At Ascension General Contractors, we are here to help you make your hotel remodeling project a success! We are full-service repair specialists, and proud to serve the Nashville business community as general contractors.

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