increasing the value of your condominium

Increasing The Value of Your Condominium

Before you ever start a remodeling project, you will want to consider whether it’s increasing the value of your condominium. You will, of course, want to improve your condo for your present enjoyment, but when it comes time to sell, as a smart condo owner you will want to see a financial benefit, as well. 

Here are some remodeling ideas for increasing the value of your condominium:


Kitchen And Bathroom

  • Your kitchen and bathrooms could possibly be the most important rooms in your condominium. If there aren’t enough bathrooms or if the kitchen needs too much work, the value of your condo will decrease. Consider the costs of your materials before you start, and make sure that your choices reflect the area your home is in. Don’t install granite countertops if you live in an area where property values won’t allow you to recover your investment, for example. 

Living Space

  • Opening up any areas of your condo that are dark or feel cramped will go a long way towards creating an attractive living space. Removing walls to create a more open floor plan will bring both space and light into play, making your home feel much larger. A professional renovation company can help you plan these kinds of upgrades through their knowledge of structural integrity and other aspects of construction.  

First Impressions

  • The first impression your home gives a potential buyer can add 5 percent to the sale price, according to studies done, and that is definitely an increase in the value of your condo. Make sure your exterior paint and all the details are as upscale as possible and ensure any grassy areas are properly maintained. Remove dead or dying shrubs and other plants, too. If your condo will be put on the market as we head into the summer heat, consider planting with drought-tolerant varieties for the best show possible, even if you are planning to live in your home for years to come. 

Home Office

  • A home office can be a great asset, both today and in the future. If you have some extra space in your condominium, consider remodeling this area to become a home office for an increase in value. Adding grounded outlets, data ports, and extra phone lines would be very attractive to the modern worker. 


  • A deck can be one of the most important additions when you remodel your condominium, if possible given your floor plan. Some estimates conclude that you can recoup up to 80 percent of its cost at the time of the sale of your home. If your condo layout does not allow for a deck, you may be able to think about a poured-concrete patio, which will also increase the value of your condominium. 


Here at Ascension General Contractors, we are experienced in home remodeling projects of all kinds, and we are here to help you if you are interested in increasing the value of your condominium.