sleek communal area in apartment complex


Communal spaces are becoming more and more popular in design currently, and for good reason. These spaces are a more organized and better regulated version of our public spaces, providing all the benefits without many of the unwanted by-products, like garbage and crime.

Your apartment complex should include communal spaces. Adding them will improve your complex in several ways:

FUNCTIONALITY. No matter how architecturally perfect your building is, its functionality will be measured by how much it supports the comfort of your tenants. Communal spaces provide additional areas for them to socialize and relax in. This has the added benefit of increasing the functional value of your structure.

AESTHETICS. Communal spaces have a strong aesthetic appeal, inviting all users to spend time there. If you design open-air communal areas in your apartment complex, the outdoor landscape will be improved visually, as well as functionally. Lighting, landscaping, gazebos, walkways, fountains, outdoor kitchen and dining areas – even dance floors; any one of these choices will improve and enhance your apartment complex and your tenants’ quality of life.

INTERACTION. Buildings of all kinds do more than just provide a space for daily activities, especially apartment buildings. They bring people together from all walks of life, and social interaction follows. Positive interaction will be enhanced through attractive and available spaces scattered throughout your apartment complex, and can include areas for co-working, like a coffee shop or community center, for example. Such spaces encourage social interaction, which allows people to feel safer and more comfortable.

RETENTION. Residents who feel safe and comfortable will stay longer, which saves you as the owner both time and money. It’s also really great to interact with people you have known for a long time and have come to respect and trust.

Adding communal areas to your apartment complex will improve it in many ways. If you are considering renovating or upgrading different aspects of your property, call us here at Ascension General Contractors today, and together we can set out a plan to begin.