A woman washing her hands in a modern sink

How To Prevent A Dripping Sink

Your sink is one of those places where water leaks can arise overnight. While most home or business owners pay more attention to the bigger areas such as roofs and parking lot drainage systems, a silent drip under the sink can be slowly creating a situation that will make your life miserable in the future. Once the areas involving your dripping sink become damp for any period of time, a colony of mold can spring up quickly, requiring the services of a mold remediation expert. 

Creating, and following, a cleaning and maintenance schedule for your home or business can help you keep an eye on all the different areas that could sustain water damage in your place of business or your home, both large and small. 

Here are some ways to prevent a dripping sink:

  • Add the task of checking all areas under and around sinks for leaks to your maintenance and cleaning routine. This will help you to identify a problem before it even starts, or catch it right away once it develops.
  • Replace visible water supply pipes and hardware as soon as they show significant signs of wear before they begin leaking. 
  • Clean under sinks regularly and ensure that the areas are always completely dry and sanitary. Pay special attention to those places that don’t get much light: use a flashlight to check and clean all the dark corners in these areas. 
  • Don’t ignore any signs of dampness: buckling wood or particle board under the sink, musty smells, discoloration – these are all signs that water is going where it shouldn’t. The smallest amounts can create significant problems down the road. 
  • If a leak is found, take immediate steps to repair the cause. Call a professional plumber if necessary and engage a professional clean-up company to come in and take care of the water damage once all is safe and sound.

Here at Ascension General Contractors, we have the skills and experience necessary to handle not just your dripping sink, but all of your construction and renovation projects for both home and business. We are proud to serve Nashville’s as a full-service repair company.