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How To Maximize The Floor Plan Of Your Nashville Home

When planning to build a new home or upgrade your current house, your floor plan can sometimes be the last thing you think about. It’s much more exciting to think about the fun stuff: colors, furniture, views, etc! It is important to think about how you will maximize the floor plan of your home!

However, your home’s floor plan will affect everything you do in that home for years to come. We’ve all had the experience of stepping into a house that could have been planned better; it can feel awkward and off-putting. Rooms that are too small or doorways in odd places can be problematic in many ways – such as when it comes time to place the furniture.

Today, let’s discuss some essential facts about a great floor plan so you can avoid pitfalls.

What Are Three Important Facts I Need To Know When Creating The Perfect Floor Plan For My Nashville Home?

Remember some important facts when creating a floor plan for your new or existing home or addition in Nashville:

  1. Think about how your space will be used, who will use it, and its purpose; this can help you focus on your priorities as you flesh out your house plan. For example, a family home plan requires multiple bathrooms, large dining and sitting areas, relaxing private spaces, plenty of storage, socializing areas, and soundproofing for specific areas.
  2. You’ll need to create a budget for your project. Break down your expenses into fixtures and fittings, labor costs, legal fees, and any other professional services you’ll require, such as engineers, architects, plumbers, and electricians. Setting a budget ahead of time will provide some scope and stop you from getting carried away during the floor plan design stage.
  3. Once you have the purpose of your floor plan and well-defined zones to match that purpose, consider how you’ll get from one point to another within your space – traffic flow is a crucial part of creating an efficient floor plan. The kitchen work triangle is a classic example of optimizing traffic flow within a single room. You want to shorten the distance between the refrigerator, stove, and sink as much as possible and avoid obstructions, leaving enough space for 2 or 3 people to move without getting in each other’s way.

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