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How To Improve Your Storefront

It’s just good business to keep your premises looking fresh and up-to-date, and your storefront is your calling card. Potential customers can be put off by a storefront that isn’t in great shape, and you already know that the first impression a potential customer gets of your business can easily be the last! A dated, run-down storefront tells your clientele that your product may not be in the best condition and your store interior may be unpleasant and unkempt, and they will stay away.  


If you are thinking about improving your storefront:


Fresh Take

  • Take a look at the newer developments around town and see what’s on-trend. It can be pretty simple to update your facade, so once you get a feel for what the newest trend may be, choose your favorite look and take the next step to update your storefront. You can even have a “Grand Re-Opening” event, and that would be a great time to bring in new products and update your merchandising plans. Don’t forget to update your knowledge of those zoning laws!

Light It Up

  • There’s no question that bringing more natural light into any building is a benefit. If you are going to renovate, consider more, or bigger, windows, to make that happen. This renovation piece alone will give your storefront a whole new look and feel.

Save Energy Dollars

  • New windows and doors can be more energy-efficient and earth-friendly, too, and can often save you quite a bit in energy costs. There are lots of new products on the market today that focus on environmental considerations, and being sensitive to the climate these days is something that your customers will find appealing, too. 

Being Safe

  • While renovating your storefront, you can also take steps to make your location safer for your customers and your staff. Remove old design factors that could possibly have created issues, such as small, hard-to-see steps, or loose tile door jams to enhance your safety profile. Adding handrails and other items that make for those who need extra assistance can also take your business to a whole new level of attraction for existing and projected patrons alike.

When it comes to renovating your storefront, Ascension General Contractors is here to help. We have the experience and skills needed to make your renovation happen. Our team is licensed, insured, and fully bonded.