How Do I Upgrade My Child’s Room For Their Teenage Years?

 When your child is small, it can seem like they will never grow up. And then, one day, you realize that their feet are hanging over the end of their bed, and they’re wearing adult-sized shoes! How did that happen?

As your child grows into their pre-teen and teenage years, their bedroom needs to grow with them. They won’t need shelving for their toys anymore, for example – and as we’ve already discussed – they’ll probably need a bigger bed!

It will be wise for you to design a bedroom that will grow with your child, too, since they will change dramatically between the ages of 12 and 18.

How Can I Design A Bedroom That Can Flex With Their Changing Lifestyle?

Save money by designing a unique space for your child that will flex and change with them. 

  • Upgrade their bed to full- or queen-size now. It is essential to purchase a bed frame they can continue growing into, even if it is as much about evolving styles as needing a bigger bed in a few years. Choose a neutral frame that will work with any color of paint or bedding.
  • We recommend adding a full-length mirror to make getting dressed in the morning easier. Bring in some added seating, too: a lounge or a bean-bag chair might be the thing. Giving your child a space that isn’t their bed to relax in after a long school day is important so their bedroom can be a true refuge.
  • If you plan on buying new teen bedroom furniture, consider items they can take to college or use when moving into their first apartment. A sturdy desk, end tables, dresser, lamps, and armchairs are all items that can be taken with them when they move out.
  • Create a dorm-like space with a lofted bed! This small space hack can turn your teen’s bedroom into two separate areas. Lofting the bed provides enough space underneath for a hangout space with a couch, a small office, or even a workout space.
  • Make room for your teen’s growing closet with clever storage hacks like hanging shelves, storage boxes, and other closet organization ideas. Hanging shoe organizers, floating shelves for fabric bins, and short storage cabinets are simple ways to store any shoes or seasonal clothing items.

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