How Do I Safely Renovate My Nashville Attic?

Your attic offers the perfect opportunity for more space in your Nashville home. Attics are shaped differently than other rooms in your house, so they can become a unique place if their renovation is well-designed.

It can also be challenging to renovate an attic due to safety concerns. For this reason, hiring a professional general contractor to complete your attic renovation may be a good idea. 

What Do I Need To Know Before I Finish My Attic?

Before you finish your attic, you need to be aware of these facts:

  • Codes usually require that at least half of your finished attic must be at least seven feet high, a minimum of seven feet wide and seventy square feet in total. 
  • A finished attic will be weightier than boxes of keepsakes. Hire an engineer to inspect your foundation and framing to ensure they can carry that extra weight. You may need to strengthen the floor joists, which are often spaced too far apart or are too shallow for the job.
  • A window that can be used for escape in an emergency is often required by code for bedrooms – and it’s just a good idea. 
  • An unconditioned attic requires ventilation, since without a means of ventilation, moisture and heat may accumulate to undesirable levels.
  • Your roof’s surface can get as hot as 160° during warm weather, heating up your attic space and making those rooms directly below the attic uncomfortable; this puts a big load on your air conditioning system, causing spikes in your electric bill, as well.

What Are Some Inspiring Attic Renovation Design Concepts?

You may not have decided how you will use your attic space yet, so we have a few inspiring attic renovation design concepts we think you’ll love!

  • If you need more space for your children to run around and play in, your attic may be the perfect place to create a kid-friendly wonderland.
  • Consider converting an attic to a loft bedroom to make use of otherwise wasted space.
  • An attic game room could also be an excellent place for gathering with friends and family. If you have the budget and space for a bar to mix up some creative adult beverages, that’s a nice addition!
  • An attic office is a great addition to your property because it provides a room away from the main hubs of the house. With suitable sound-dampening materials, you can relish a quiet area where you can focus and be productive.

Ready to repurpose your attic? At Ascension General Contractors, we have the experience and skills to make your remodeling goals happen. We are repair specialists and a full-service general contractor company! We’re proud to have served the Nashville community for over a decade. Call us today at (615) 750 2345!

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